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Born in a political refugee camp in Bangkok, Tony Sananikone has made a career of turning difficult circumstances into beautiful results. Forced to learn sewing and alternation at an early age in order to customize his own wardrobe, he developed a passion for styling and a talent for creating custom pieces. He followed this passion to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in San Francisco, CA, where he worked at harnessing his talents and focusing his energy on designing and creating both couture and ready to wear women's clothing. Tony has spent the last fifteen years working for one of the largest clothing retailers in the country, and in that roll he has honed his talents for styling and has become a force in driving trend within the fashion industry. With "Sounthavong," Tony launched his own line of women's clothing inspired by the strength of a generation of women that empowered themselves to reach their maximum potential while remaining beautiful and feminine. These women were strong and sensual, and that is precisely how he wants them to feel in a Sounthavong garment.

Tony Sananikone FiSF

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