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Sheeva Van Gemeren, is co-founder and designer of Lo Swim. Lo Swim is a Northern California based swimwear brand designed by former competitive swimmers with the goal of enhancing competitive training swimwear. Sheeva is a former Davis competitive swimmer, who set out to create something she never had during her collegiate career, a fashion forward suit that stood up to the intense demands of training. One of the components of her design process is to distribute samples to the Davis and Cal swim teams, so each piece is rigorously tested and perfected before going into production.

Her company designs a hydro-dynamic, fashionable alternative to Speedo, and provides competitive swimmers and triathletes with suits that combine ultra-durable fabric with adjustable elements to ensure a custom fit—while incorporating unique style elements unlike any other training suit. Sheeva would like to explore the possibilities of using the Intel Curie to track performance.

Lo Swim is a seasoned company and has been in business for over five years. They sell in major retail stores such as Sports Basement, as well as wholesale and direct to the consumer in seven states and are expanding internationally.

Lo Swim has strong roots in the swimming community and Sheeva feels strongly about giving back to the sport that gave her so much. She is committed to making aquatic sports available to anyone who is passionate about water. She sponsors fundraising programs to empower athletes to take their team's development into their own hands.

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