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About Rose Goldthwait 


Temple Ro is an ethically produced lifestyle brand founded by designer Rose Goldthwait and made exclusively in the USA. Her signature style is part bohemian, part festival, and always made with love from lavish vegan fabrics.

Rose grew up in the Rocky mountains of Montana in a hand-built log cabin with no running water or electricity. While she loved the mountain lifestyle, something inside her knew her destiny was in the city, so she moved to Washington DC to study Clinical Psychology. Soon after, she discovered the underground nightlife scene, and this exposure to creativity and self-expression led her to switch gears and move to San Francisco to pursue a degree in Fashion. 

After a decade of entrepreneurial fashion and branding adventures from New York City to the Bay Area, Rose returned to San Francisco to create Temple Ro. Her purpose is two-fold: One, to create a cruelty-free, ethical, and sustainable brand that honors the planet and all its inhabitants, and two, to design clothing that effortlessly fits and complements all body types. 

Her mission is to help everyone who steps into Temple Ro feel powerful and beautiful in their own unique skin, and her hope is that this empowerment will change the world.

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