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San Francisco-based CEO and Creative Director Nishika de Rosairo draws on the idea of connectedness, power and transformation in her designs.

A successful corporate leader, artist and dancer, Nishika started designing clothes at a young age. Fashion has always been her creative touchstone and way of life, fueling her imagination and storytelling. As a young girl, her mother sewed beautiful dresses for her and her sister, which helped her understand how clothing made her feel, and the inherent psychology behind why we choose to wear what we wear. This is what led dE ROSAIRO to be built on the premise of Look Feel Lead, which translates into how you Look, is how to Feel, is how you Lead.

Nishika grew up embracing the world and its cultures, living on four continents and traveling to 40+ countries. With an MBA in change and innovation in organizations, prior to founding dE ROSAIRO, Nishika spent ten years as a Strategic Advisor consulting to and working with Fortune 500 / Silicon Valley companies including Apple, Salesforce, Cisco, Deloitte Consulting, Levi and others. The experience she gained was invaluable to realizing her childhood dream of founding her designer namesake label.

Today she play’s an active role speaking on panels and at conferences on fashion and business related topics. She also serves the community as an Advisory Board Member to four organizations in the field of leadership, entrepreneurship, and international business development, and leads a successful mentoring program she founded 10 years ago. She plays an active role in rebuilding the lives of women survivors who are affected by human trafficking. All this engagement, she says, comes down to the Look Feel Lead model that dE ROSAIRO’s is built on, and the connectedness of Looking, Feeling, and Leading your life.

The dE ROSAIRO brand offers a blend of Nishika's passion for design and her natural aptitude for business and entrepreneurship, with the ultimate goal of shaping a new vocabulary of sophisticated, everyday luxury for the modern woman.

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