What is FiSF?

FiSF is the Fashion Incubator San Francisco — a non-profit, 501c3 organization formed in 2011 to help turn creative fashion apparel designers into successful San Francisco entrepreneurs.


Why did FiSF Start?

Twenty years ago, fashion apparel was the second-biggest industry in San Francisco, behind tourism.  Today, local fashion apparel designers struggle to stay afloat in the City by the Bay.  FiSF was formed to nurture local fashion designers so they can establish thriving apparel businesses and create employment opportunities in San Francisco.


What does FiSF do?

Each year, FiSF provides emerging designers premier workshop space, with business and production training from experts in the San Francisco fashion and economic development community.


When did FiSF begin?

FiSF was unveiled in summer 2011.  The program is open to applicants on a rolling basis, as individual businesses are supported based on their needs.


Who runs FiSF?

An Executive Director in change of operations oversees the day-to-day management of the incubator and reports to the FiSF board of directors.


Where is FiSF located?

FiSF is located at the Macy's Men's Building at Union Square in San Francisco.  Here, emerging designers have access to a fully equipped workroom, offices, a show room, and co-working space.


How is Macy's involved?

Macy's initiated the development of FiSF and contributed the workshop space and equipment.  Macy's also supports FiSF with a grant.


About the Program

If you're a designer looking for more details about our Program at FiSF, please visit Our Program page.


Apply to the Incubator

Fashion Incubator San Francisco is an entrepreneurial innovative approach to business development. We offer individualized support, mentorship by industry experts, community collaboration and events, and connections to critical resources.