FiSF is dedicated to supporting local designers scale their businesses and creating jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are also dedicated to revitalizing the fashion industry and being on the forefront of the intersection between technology and fashion.  We are a small organization that produces big results - more than 26 businesses have been through our program and those businesses have created more than 600 jobs. Our events and educational programming have brought together over 3500 local fashion professionals.

Any donation will be gratefully accepted. Fashion Incubator San Francisco is a 501(c) (3) organization (FEIN 45-2138021). Contributions are tax-deductible.

As the fashion and retail landscape changes and new business models drive growth, we are preparing our designers for the future through education, partnerships, innovation, and more. We ask for your help in continuing our mission and programming, as well bring the following initiatives to the Incubator:

Fashion Business Seminars and Workshops 

  • A series of educational workshops dedicated to early-stage fashion designers and entrepreneurs looking to build the next-Gen fashion companies.

  • Funding used to cover costs of supplies and outside experts specializing in different aspects of the fashion and retail value chain (e.g., sourcing & production, business finance, social media marketing, 3D design, AR/VR/AI, and fashion technology).     

New Materials Library

  • A library of emerging materials to help entrepreneurs and brands design for the future

  • Funding used to source and acquire materials for our collection, to showcase the library to designers and schools, and to host education about the new materials and applications.