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Past Events

Fashion First Friday at Allbirds
Friday, May 5 | 8:00-9:30am

Kickstart your Friday morning with coffee, donuts, and inspiring talks from founders and executives of exciting fashion brands. Our inaugural First Friday will feature Allbirds, maker of the world's most comfortable shoes. We'll visit Allbirds' headquarters and hear from co-founder Joey Zwillinger on how to build an enduring brand, sustainably. Get tips and tricks for your business and get a head start into the weekend. Because inspiration doesn't have a snooze button.
Hurry and get your ticket! This event is limited availability. 

A Conversation with Logan Ray of fuseproject
Tuesday, April 25 | 12:00-1:30pm

What happens when fashion and product design collide? How do we create wearable tech that is truly wearable? Join us for a conversation with Logan Ray, Partner and Director of Strategy at fuseproject, the innovative design consultancy founded by Yves Behar, as we discuss the future at the intersection of fashion and product design, including the Superflex Aura Powered Suit, designed to enhance mobility, and many of the other exciting technologies they are working on that will change the world!

Killer Strategies for Acquiring and Retaining Customers
Tuesday, April 25 | 6:00-8:30pm

In partnership with PeopleWearSF and Rogueline, we are excited to host a panel discussion with marketing and ecommerce experts from fashion brands and retailers Betabrand, LE TOTE, and Stitch Fix. Learn about the tools and strategies these hot companies use to acquire, engage, and retain customers across various channels, including Email, Social Media, Content Marketing, and more. 

If you're a designer or fashion brand, a marketing manager, ecommerce specialist, or growth hacker, you don't want to miss this.


Fashion Incubator San Francisco is a San Francisco-based non-profit that accelerates emerging apparel and accessories design businesses while supporting economic growth and job creation in the San Francisco Bay Area. 
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