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Lia Larrea
Lia Larrea
As a child growing up in Quito, Ecuador, Lia Larrea developed a love for drawing and painting that would later help shape her career in fashion design.
Moving to the United States with her family at the age of twelve, Lia was introduced to a new society and way of life, opening her eyes to new opportunities. While attending college for business, she enrolled in a painting class that reconnected her to her artistic aspirations. In another life-changing move, she landed in San Francisco ready to pursue a career in fashion design.
Lia graduated with honors from the Art Institute of California-San Francisco in 2012. She is developing her womenswear label, Lia Larrea, which is greatly influenced by her background and culture. Lia aims to build a fashion brand for everyday women that tells a timeless story though her art.